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In order to view testimonials that can be confirmed as being from actual customers I encourage you to do a search of the many aquarium related forums on the internet and see what others are saying about Canadian Aqua Farm.  Here are a few links to get started:


Below are a few e-mails that customers have sent to me after receiving their discus shipments:


"Hi Rick, my name is Terry. I ordered a bunch of Dexters Discus form you about a month ago. I got 2 SanMara. 2 Super Eruptions. 2 Heckel x RSG, 2 Albinos and 4 Ring Leopards. Just wanted to let you know that the SanMara are a proven pair. The Heckel x RSG are a proven pair and the Super Erutions are a proven pair. Thank you so much. We couldn’t be happier with the quality and health of these fish. Thanks again.

Terry" (Woodstock, ON)


"Hi Rick,

The discus are doing fine, they look healthy and happy, and I'm thrilled
with them. This was the first time I've mail-ordered fish, and I'm happy
everything turned out so well. Thanks for making this such a pleasant and
worry-free experience.

Looking forward to my next discus order with you 
Best Regards,
 (Toronto, Ontario) 


"Hi Rick -- all arrived safe, sound, and with heat packs still generating warmth. You do a wonderful job packing!! They're acclimating in the darkened tank now and don't look stressed... and are they pretty! Judy W." (Winnipeg, Manitoba)


"Hi Rick, 
I just wanted to let you know the two yellows arrived in great shape and are doing fine so far! I was really impressed with the way they were bagged and packaged for shipping, it shows you care about the fish and your customers! It was awesome and very professional! I look forward to getting fish from you in the future. Thank-you for being patient with me in doing a fish order etc. as well as answering my questions. It is greatly appreciated!
Thanks again!....Bryan"
 (Penticton, British Columbia) 



"I did not tell yet but when I first fed them yesterday I had them eating out of my hand..  So Yesterday they settled down and yes I got so see how beautiful they were, I thought...When I came downstairs this morning to feed them before I went to work I was greeted with a stunning array of colours. I was awe struck, wow is the factor of what I say. Just over the top. I am so impressed.. Dealing with you has been nothing but a top notch experience, from the first communications to the actual buying of the fish to the top notch packaging, the landed water temp told me that to first impressions out of the bags and now a day later..   YOU ARE THE MAN !!!!!!!  Thanks Rick" (Daryl in Fredericton, NB)
The following screen grab is of a very nice comment posted to my instagram account by client Mike (aka ballymotemike) in the Toronto area.  BTW if you aren't already following me on instagram @canadianaquafarm you may want to.  It is the social media platform that I am most active on with multiple posts every week.  



This screen grab is from facebook and can be verified through the following link:




Winter 2017 has been a cold one across Canada!  Below is a testimonial that was posted by a customer in Regina shortly after receiving his discus shipment.  The original post can be found on using this link:!!!

"I recently received an order of 10 juvenile penang eruption discus raised by Rick and couldn't be happier. I've been wanting to set up a discus tank for years now but have been waiting on the availability of this particular strain. A friend of mine also joined in on the order and received 10 of Rick's juvenile turquoise discus and he was also very impressed.

Both the quality of discus received as well as the customer service provided by Rick were outstanding. Local discus availability in Canada is quite poor compared to the majority of the US and almost non-existent in Saskatchewan. Canadian Aqua farms proved to be an excellent source for purchasing discus and I highly recommend them to all those contemplating placing an order.

The fish made the trip from BC to Saskatchewan in the middle of a cold Canadian winter in great shape and Rick was extremely helpful in accommodating our group order seeing as it was difficult to line up a ship date that worked for both myself as well as my friend. A few hours after arrival, the fish were already eating and adapting to their new environment.

Rick was also more than willing to answer all of my questions and promptly replied through our email correspondences. 

Overall, both myself and my friend were extremely happy with how the discus order turned out. I highly recommend Canadian Aqua farms as a source for quality discus from a trustworthy vendor."



The e-mail and photos below were sent to me around one month after this client received his discus:


"Hi rick I thought I'd let you know how the discus are doing! 


First off I want to extend a huge thanks for supplying the fish! They acclimated quickly and trouble free! They also aren't as picky as I thought they were. They took to the new food pretty much on the next day and they even eat out of my hand now! I wanted to show you their massive growth! I've attached photos of all 8 of the beautiful discus! 


Thanks for helping me get a good start into keeping discus! 


Daniel" (Markham, ON)