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Why choose Canadian Aqua Farm?

Over the past 13 years it has been my pleasure to serve discus enthusiasts all across Canada from the Yukon to the Maritimes and I look forward to serving all of you for many more years to come. I consider it a great honour to be considered a premier source for discus in Canada and have worked hard to build an outstanding reputation which can be verified by all of the positive reviews written about CAF on various aquarium forums. With 25 years of experience in keeping and breeding discus I know what it takes to successful in this hobby and I'm always pleased to pass my knowledge along to my customers. I offer unlimited free customer support pre and post sale by e-mail. Discus are my passion and I'm always more than happy to discuss any details about their care. Providing quality discus in top condition all while offering unparalleled customer service is the main focus of what I do. With 80% or more of my business now coming from repeat customers I believe this to be an excellent indication that the products and service being offered are a great value and well received by my clients.

 Other things to know about CAF:

  • This is a full time job for me, not a side line. I am completed dedicated to the fish and my customers.
  • I only import from reputable suppliers and all shipments have health certificates issued before coming to me.
  • The photos and videos shown on this website are of the actual fish being offered for sale. Unlike most mail order fish businesses I do not use stock photos. There is nothing worse than ordering fish online and receiving something completely different than what you saw in the photos.
  • On the rare occasion that something goes wrong I am going to make it right.
  • Accountability. With a strong presence on aquarium forums and social media I have a reputation to maintain. Beware of those that shy away from interacting with their customers in public forums.
  • Over the past several years I have a 100% live arrival track record. With extensive experience in packing fish for transit and an excellent knowledge of the cargo world I am able to make sure that shipments will go forth as smoothly as possible. I have also recently innovated a packing method to keep discus warm longer even during the coldest days of winter. Plus with the addition of pure oxygen in their bags they can easily last 48+ hours in transit although most shipments will only be in transit a few hours.



Pricing: All prices on this website are in Canadian dollars.

Payment Methods: We accept Paypal, Visa and MasterCard.

Shipping: Canada wide shipping is available on all live fish and live cultures. Live goods will not be shipped internationally. World wide shipping is available on all dry goods, foods, brine shrimp eggs, etc.  Food orders ship for free in Canada and the USA.  International locations are subject to a shipping charge of at least $15 CAD. 

Sales Tax: Canadian customers will be charged the applicable GST/HST. BC customers will also be charged 7% PST. International customers pay no tax at the time of ordering but may in some cases may be charged tax/duty/import fees by your country's customs office. These charges are the sole responsibility of the buyer.  Please check with your local customs authority for more details.

Returns: Dry goods may be returned within 14 days from the date of purchase. Since my facility is fully quarantined livestock may not be returned once it has left the premisses.

Photos: All fish photos provided on this website are taken from the actual group of fish being offered for sale. We do not use stock photos for our fish sales. Please be aware that most vendors offering fish for sale online use stock photo which are usually not an accurate representation of what is being sold.

Fish Sizes: All sizes listed are total length (tail included).
Requesting Specific Genders: Unless discus have spawned in my tank I am not able to guarantee their gender. For discus 4" and over customers can request specific genders and I will make an educated guess to try and fulfill the request.

Live Delivery Guarantee: We are pleased to offer one of the most generous live delivery guarantees in our industry. Live delivery is guaranteed on ALL shipments that are picked up within 2 hours after arrival at the airport/bus station or in the case of home delivery are signed for on the first delivery attempt. In the rare event that a fish is dead on arrival simply e-mail or text us a video clearly showing the deceased fish on the day of arrival and we will issue a credit in the amount of the purchase price of the fish towards your next order. Shipping costs are not covered by the live delivery guarantee. There is no extended guarantee on the fish after arrival. Our responsibility is to get the fish to their destination safely and in excellent condition. The customer's responsibility is to provide the correct conditions and care for the fish once they have arrived. For those that are new to the hobby or unsure of how to handle newly arrived discus shipments I am very happy to discuss this by e-mail. I am also pleased to offer ongoing post sale support via e-mail to make sure that your discus thrive in their new home. Please note that our live delivery guarantee covers ALL shipments year round with no exceptions aside from late pick-up by the customer. This is by far one of the most generous live delivery guarantees in the industry. Please be aware that most companies have many disclaimers that will void the live delivery guarantee.

Recommended parameters:

  • Temperature: 82F-86F
  • PH: Captive bred discus will readily adapt and thrive at any PH level between 6.5 and 8.0 the important thing is that the PH remains stable. Fluctuations in the PH level will be stressful to discus.
  • Hardness: Discus will thrive at any hardness level. Soft water is only required for breeding purposes as discus eggs will not be fertilized in hard water.
  • Lighting: The tank light should be left off for the first day in order to allow the discus time to get use to their new surroundings.
  • Aeration: Strong aeration is highly recommended. This means surface agitation such as an air stone connected to a strong air pump or a spray bar elevated above the water level.
  • Food: I feed and recommend Vita Complete granules and freeze dried Australian Black Worms as a staple diet for discus. Young discus should be fed at least 3 times per day. Adults can be fed 1-2 times per day. 
  • Water Changes: Water changes are a critical part of keeping discus. The more frequent you change your water the happier your discus will be. Daily to every second day is ideal for small discus. By the time they reach 4" they can go longer between water changes. Once they are full grown adults once a week is a good routine to maintain. For this reason many folks that don't have time in their schedule to do frequent water changes will opt to purchase larger size discus that don't require as many water changes.
  • Quarantine: QT is always recommended for new arrivals especially if you already have existing discus stock. The QT period allows the discus time to rest and recover from their time in transit as well as providing a good observation period. Since it is not possible to predict how two different populations if discus will react when mixed together a QT tank will allow the introduction of new arrivals to be done in a controlled manner. My preferred method is to give the newly arrived discus 1 week to rest after arrival. Then place 1 discus from your existing stock in the QT tank and observe for at least two weeks. If everything looks good after two weeks then you can integrate your new and existing stock.


When you receive your shipment of fish I recommend floating the bags in your aquarium for 15 minutes to which will allow the water inside the bag to slowly adjust to the temperature of the water in your aquarium.  After 15 minutes cut open the bags, throw out the shipping water and place the fish into your aquarium.   An easy way to do this is by placing a fish net over a bucket.   Cut the bag open and pour the contents of the bag (water and fish) into the net.  The fish can then easily be transferred into your aquarium and the shipping water disposed of.