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Ever since Rick was a little boy he has had great passion for aquarium fish.  Rather than have his parents read bed time stories at night he would request to be read chapters from books about fish keeping. By the age of 6 he had convinced his parents to let him have his first aquarium.

Fortunate to have very supportive parents Rick's love of the hobby continued to grow as did his collection of aquariums.   By the age of 17 he had built a fish room in the basement of his family's home consisting of 26 aquariums which were primarily dedicated to the breeding of discus!

For the next 14 years Rick fine tunned his techniques for keeping and breeding discus.  In January of 2010 he founded Canadian Aqua Farm to find out if there was a market for his home bred discus.  CAF was an instant success and the demand for Rick's discus exceeded what he could produce.  This led Rick to the next step in his great adventure... importing discus.  

In the fall of 2018 Rick travelled to Japan and was able to connect with many of the country's top koi breeders. The connections and knowledge gained on this trip have led to Rick also being a reseller of high quality Japanese koi. 

Running Canadian Aqua Farm has proven to be a great opportunity for Rick to share his passion with fellow fish hobbyists all across Canada and he looks forward to many more years on this wonderful journey.