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October 2nd, 2019: Final Piwowarski Discus Shipment Of 2019

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Hi All!

This will likely be my last Piwowarski shipment for 2019. However the good news is that there is a wide range of strains available and I will once again be offering special prices for pre-orders.

Piwowarski discus are among the best in the world. With good care they will grow to be large robust discus with great shape and vibrant colours. Just look at the amazing show tank in the video below It is home to a collection of Red Turquoise, Brilliant Turquoise, Blue Diamond, San Merah, Red Spotted Green and Curilenquer discus all of which came from Piwowarski.

How this pre order will work:

  1. You will need to e-mail your order to me at by October 15th, 2019.
  2. I will confirm availability and send an invoice.
  3. Upon receiving confirmation that the discus you want are still available payment will be due in full (e-transfer, Visa, MasterCard and PayPal are accepted)
  4. The shipping date for this order is expected to be mid October.
  5. The discus will need to be picked up or shipping arranged within 7 days after completion of quarantine. Boarding charges will apply to any fish left in my care beyond 7 days after QT.
  6. Buyers should still do their own quarantine as well. QT is especially important if you are planning to mix discus from different sources.

This photo shows the adult colouration of several Piwowarski strains.

Asian Discus

I have recently updated my available Asian discus stock. Most of these discus have grown substantially since they arrived but the prices remain the same. I have posted all new photos, updated the sizes and added some new fish that weren't previously listed on my website. These discus have been here for several months and have been safely mixed with Piwowarski discus. As such they can be purchased with Piwowarski discus and safely mixed together without any concern of cross contamination. These discus can be viewed here