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October 16th, 2017: Discus From Award Winning Breeder Dexter Chung Of DXcus Discus Are Available!

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I am pleased to announce I have imported a large number of high end discus from Dexter Chung of DXcus. If the name sounds familiar there maybe a couple of reasons why. Dexter’s discus have won numerous awards including Grand Champion and multiple Best Of Class placements. He has been able to accomplish this by starting with discus from champion bloodlines such as Goh Eng Khoon, Tony Tan, Ricky Lim and Wayne Ng to name a few. From there he has selectively bred and outcrossed where needed to further improve the shape, pattern and colour of the fish. Round shape, fabulous eye to body ratios, well formed fins and gill plates are the cornerstone of Dexter’s discus. When viewing his fish it is clear that the focus is on producing quality discus rather than mass production. Fans of wild discus will also appreciate the work that Dexter has done to blend wild genetics into domestic strains including the amazing third filial generation Heckel x Amana Red Spotted Greens that will be arriving in this shipment. It is truly a pleasure to make these discus available to hobbyists all across Canada. The new shipment is currently in QT and will be released for pick-up/shipping within the next week or so.  Please CLICK HERE for photos, prices and availability of the new discus.