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November 29th, 2017: New Discus Shipment Arriving In December + 3 Proven Breeding Pairs

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Another shipment of super high quality discus from Dexter Chung of DXcus will be arrivng in December.  I have posted some sneak peek photos on my stock list showing some of the strains that will be arriving.  They can be seen by CLICKING HERE.  There are more photos and strains to come so be sure to check back.

Also arriving in this shipment are the Santa Isabel Angels that were mentioned in my last blog post.  Of the 80 Angels that are coming I only have 18 still available at the time of posting this.  Grab them while you can as this is a strain that is in high demand and seldom available. More info on the angels can be found by CLICKING HERE

I also have 3 proven pairs available.  The pairs can be seen by CLICKING HERE