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July 4th, 2019: Piwowarski Discus, Koi Grow & Show, Australian Black Worm Updates!

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Hi All! 

Time for some much overdue updates.  For all of you who have been asking for small discus here is your chance. I am doing a Piwowarski Discus order with sizes as small as 2.5" available.  For my koi people all of my Japanese koi have passed QT with flying colours and are available for sale.  For my black worm customers it looks like it's going to be at least a few weeks before I have more product arriving from the worm farm.  More details on all of this below.... 

Piwowarski Discus Pre-Order:

We have an exciting opportunity to get ahold of some Piwowarski discus.  Alexander Piwowarski is one of the top discus breeders in the world.His hatchery is located in Germany and his fish have won major awards including grand champion at discus shows around the world. I could go on forever about the high quality of his fish but I’m sure most of you are already well aware. For those that aren’t a quick google search will reveal lots of great photos, videos and positive reviews of his discus. This link will provide a good starting place to see what his strains look like as adults: http://www.diskuszucht-piwowarski.de/diskusengl.htm

The only problem is that demand for Piwowarski discus is high and the competition to buy them is fierce. As such we need to move fast to have a chance at getting some.If you want to order please contact me ASAP.These discus will only be available by pre order and I will only be accepting pre orders until 11:59pm PST on Friday, July 5th.

How the pre order will work:

  1. You will need to e-mail your order to me at info@canadianaquafarm.com prior to the 11:59pm PST, July 5th deadline.
  2. I will confirm availability with Piwowarski.
  3. Upon receiving confirmation that the discus you want are still available payment will be due in full (e-tansfer, Visa, MasterCard and PayPal are accepted)
  4. The shipping date for this order is expected to be somewhere in mid July as it takes a bit of time for myself and the exporter to get all of the required paper work in place. When the exact date is confirmed I will contact everyone in the order to let them know.
  5. The discus will need to be picked up or shipping arranged within 7 days after arrival. Boarding charges will apply to any fish left in my care beyond 7 days.
  6. Buyers are responsible for doing their own quarantine.QT is always recommended but it is especially important if you are planning to mix German and Asian discus in the same tank/system or even if cross contamination from one tank to another is possible via equipment, hands and so on.


Please e-mail info@canadianaquafarm.com for information on the next pre-order price list. 

Koi Updates:

On the koi side of things I am excited to announce that all of the koi that I brought back from Japan have made it through quarantine with flying colours and available for sale.These koi were hand selected in person from the top farms in Japan including Sakai Fish Farm, Dainichi, Isa, Maruhiro, Kanno, Hiroi and Omosako to name just a few. Prices range from $80 to $10,000. Please refer to my website for individual photos and prices. Also make sure to check out this video as it features all of the koi…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8kTn9eWDi-s&t=1s

I’m also thrilled to be announcing a new program at Canadian Aqua Farm that will make high end koi bloodlines available at very affordable prices. I have been doing some breeding with the koi that I brought back and will be making fry available in the near future for a Grow & Show Program. In the Grow & Show program participants will be able to buy koi fry that were bred at my farm at a 50% discount off the regular price. I have set up a Facebook group within which participants are expected to post photos of their fry as they grow and develop. It will be fun and educational to watch the koi change as they develop and to compare notes on what care routines as well as which pond or tank set ups get the best growth, colour and so on.At the one year birthday of the koi fry I will select the one koi that I feel has shown the best development so far and the owner will receive a free bag of koi food. More details will be posted as I get closer to starting the program in a few weeks. For now I can say that the first group of fry will be from Dainich Showa parents. Dainichi is well respected as having one of the top Showa bloodlines in Japan and his Showa have won the All Japan Grand Champion title multiple times.

The retail pricing for the fry will be $20 each but Grow & Show participants will only being paying $10 each.If you are interested in more information please join my facebook group.I will post updates as we get closer to starting: https://www.facebook.com/groups/449441278968265/

Save on pond supplies!As a special grand opening sale for my first year doing koi in a big way I will be offering 25% off retail on all pond supplies.Product will be added to my website as time permits but for now please just contact me directly with your needs. I can get all things pond related including pumps, filters, uv clarifiers, liners, water treatment, food, nets, pond construction supplies and so on.

Freeze Dried Black Worm Updates:

At this time I am back ordered on most types of Australian freeze dried black worms. I was in contact with the black worm farm last week and they had some equipment issues that they hoped to have repaired this week. As such it looks like it will be at least a few weeks before any new product becomes available.