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January 22nd, 2017: February Discus Stock Announced & Video Posted

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I hope that all of my discus friends are having a great start to the new year! Things have been busy but good around the Canadian Aqua Farm fish room. The exceptionally cold weather that most of Canada experienced for the majority of the past couple of months didn’t slow us down a bit. Many shipments were sent out to destinations with temperatures in the -20C to -30C range and every single fish arrived alive and happy. We have also had a great breeding season with multiple pairs producing big healthy spawns. These fry have been flying out the door as fast as the pairs produce them. I have a limited availability of fry ready to go now, more about that is posted below. Additionally I have an absolutely beautiful selection of imported discus that were hand picked by Forrest. Some of these discus are the chubbiest I’ve ever had! The Giant Cobalts and Giant Pigeons are absolute pigs at meal time, it’s no wonder they have grown so large.  Check out all my stock by clicking here.


I am also excited to release for sale a group of absolutely exceptional quality 2.5"-3" Local Raised Turquoise discus. They have beautiful shapes and already at a small size are showing exceptional patterns. These have fantastic potential. Since I raised a good number of these I'm able to offer some extra incentives on them. If you buy 10 or more I will discount the price by $5 per fish and SHIP FOR FREE!!! That's a deal that won't come around very often.