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July 12th, 2017: New Discus Pair Added

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My last group of pairs sold out fast but if you missed out here is your chance. This newly formed pair just finished raising a batch of around 100 fry and the pair is now for sale.   Check them out by clicking here.

June 11th, 2017: June/July Discus Stock Announced... Discus Breeding Pairs, Fry, Koi & More

It is with great excitement that I announce my June/July discus stock.  Included are a couple of proven breeding pairs as well as possible pairs.  New local raised discus stock including Penang Eruptions, Classic Leopards and two types of Heckel Crosses.  I also have a good selection of local raised koi in stock.  Finally I [...]

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April 15th, 2017: HD Video Of the Spring Discus Posted & Pond Koi Now Available

Firstly I am happy to announce that my own local bred koi are now available for sale.  They can be viewed by clicking here.Additionally I have made a lengthy video of the new discus stock.  These are some if the best discus that I have ever brought in...

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March 27th, 2017: Special Spring Discus Shipment Arriving Soon! Giants, Albinos, Face Spots & More!

This is going to be the best spring ever here at Canadian Aqua Farm!!! I would like to send out a huge thank-you to Discus Forrest for setting us up with an incredible selection of high end discus. The shipment is mostly centred around exception quality young adults with several jumbos in the [...]

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March 4th, 2017: March Discus Stock Announced & Video Posted

I am excited to announce my March discus stock list.  For the prices, photos and availability please click here.  I have also posted a video of the discus here: 

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January 22nd, 2017: February Discus Stock Announced & Video Posted

I hope that all of my discus friends are having a great start to the new year! Things have been busy but good around the Canadian Aqua Farm fish room. The exceptionally cold weather that most of Canada experienced for the majority of the past couple of months didn’t slow us down a [...]

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November 26th, 2016: Discus Grow Out Contest #6 Starting Soon!

All discus hobbyists in Canada are invited to join this annual event.  For details on how to enter please click here.These are the parents of the contest fish:And these are the fry that I have set aside to distribute for the contest:

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November 23rd, 2016: Winter 2016/2017 Discus Videos Posted!

I have posted two videos of the my winter discus stock.  The first video shows the awesome new shipment of discus from Forrest that just recently arrived.  The second video shows some of the pairs that I'm currently working with and the fry that will be for sale in the near future.  Make sure to [...]

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October 27th, 2016: Winter 2016/17 Discus Shipment Preview & Pre Order

Our winter discus shipment will be arriving in mid November.  Preview photos are already posted on my website and as usual I will be accepting pre orders.  Photos and prices of the winter discus can be seen by clicking here.This very cool looking Calico discus is just one of many fantastic fish that will be arriving. [...]

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September 5th, 2016: Video Of the Fall Discus Shipment Has Been Posted!

Check out the awesome new discus shipment in the video below.  These discus are ready for pick-up/shipping this week. 

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