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August 18th, 2019: New Piwowarski Discus Order & 50% Off Vita Complete Tropical Fish Food

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Hi All!

The first Piwowarski Discus order came in so nice that I will be bringing in another shipment from him this month. I will once again offer a discounted pre-order price to everyone who meets the requirements outlined below.

Piwowarski Discus Pre-Order:
Alexander Piwowarski is one of the top discus breeders in the world. His hatchery is located in Germany and his fish have won major awards including grand champion at discus shows around the world. This video shows the smaller size Piwowarski discus from the July shipment. As you will see they had great shape and excellent appetites too. As with most German bred discus the colours will come in as they mature.

Piwowarski has just released his August discus list. As usual many things are likely to sell out quite quickly so we need to submit an order to him ASAP for the best chance of getting the discus we want. I will accept pre orders until 11:59pm PST on Monday, August 19th at which point I will submit our requests and await confirmation on what is available.

How the pre order will work:

  1. You will need to e-mail your order to me at info@canadianaquafarm.com prior to the 11:59pm PST, August 19th deadline.
  2. I will confirm availability with Piwowarski.
  3. Upon receiving confirmation that the discus you want are still available payment will be due in full (e-transfer, Visa, MasterCard and PayPal are accepted)
  4. The shipping date for this order is expected to be the end of August or early September. When the exact date is confirmed I will contact everyone in the order to let them know.
  5. The discus will need to be picked up or shipping arranged within 7 days after completion of quarantine. Boarding charges will apply to any fish left in my care beyond 7 days after QT.
  6. Buyers should still do their own quarantine as well. QT is especially important if you are planning to mix discus from different sources.


Please note these pre order prices are around 20% lower than they would be if these were regular in stock discus. A boarding fee of $2 per day per fish will apply to any discus left in my care beyond 7 days after QT is completed. All prices are in Canadian dollars. Applicable sales tax will be added to the prices. Local pick-up from my farm is free. Shipping is extra if needed (please contact me with your location for shipping costs). The sizes listed below are approximate total length.

2"-2.5” $65 each. Strains available are Blue Diamond, Cobalt and Red Melon

3" $85 each: Strains available are San Merah, Curilenquer, Blue Diamond, Red Turquoise x Cobalt, Red Melon and Brilliant Turquoise.

3.5"-4" $105 each: Strains available are Brilliant Turquoise, San Merah, Curilenquer, Blue Diamond, Red Spotted Green, San Merah x Curilenquer and Red Melon.

4.5" $195 each: Strains available are Brilliant Turquoise, San Merah, Curilenquer, Blue Diamond, Red Spotted Green, San Merah x Curilenquer and Red Melon.

This photo shows the adult colouration of several Piwowarski strains. The Brilliant Turquoise will resemble the Highbody. San Merah will look like the brown.



In other news I'm very excited to announce the release of my own brand of fish food. It is called Vita Complete Tropical Fish Food and it is a small sinking granule that is ideal for even the pickiest aquarium fish including discus. It is enriched with fish oil, vitamins, minerals and amino acids to promote a strong immune system and good growth.

The Piwowarski discus video that I included above in this e-mail shows just how much they were enjoying this food. Please see my website for the ingredient list and analysis or to place an order. For the rest of August I will be offering this food at 50% off the regular price in order to get as many hobbyists as possible to give it a try. That means you can get a 100g portion for just $10 Canadian dollars with free shipping to Canada and USA customers!

Please use this link to find out more about Vita Complete. If you view this link on a mobile device please make sure to switch to "standard view" rather than "mobile site" so that you will be able to view all of the product details.


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