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November 7th, 2020: Final Discus Shipment Of The Year

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The final discus shipment of 2020 is currently in stock and ready to go.  I have updated the current discus stock here on the website with all new photos of the actual discus.  

I have also added a few new types of live food cultures.  

With covid cases spiking in the Vancouver region we'll be switching to free contactless pick ups and free contactless deliveries for local customers.  For out of town customers live fish orders will continue to ship to your closest major airport.   Live food cultures and all other food/supplies will continue to ship by Canadapost.  I will keep everyone up to date if anything changes.  

Check out the new discus in this video: 

May 23rd, 2020: Discus Pre Order & Black Worm Update

Please click here for an exciting announcement about Black Worm availability and a discus pre order opportunity.

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January 30th, 2020: Discus Pairs and Tank Bred Altums!!!

I have just added 3 possible pairs of discus, 1 proven pair of discus and a small number of tank bred Altums to the website. 

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January 29th, 2020: Introducing Vita Complete Colour Enhancing Fomula!

I am please to announce that a colour enhancing formulation of Vita Complete is now available. Vita Complete Colour Enhancing has all the goodness of our original formula but with the addition of Carophyll Pink. This food is a strong colour enhancer that works especially well on warm coloured fish (red, orange, pink etc). [...]

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January 26th, 2020: A Few New Discus Added

Just added a few more Piwowarski discus to the website.  Check them out here: Discus stock list

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January 18th, 2020: Fish Room Tour & Interview By Friday Fish Facts

A couple of weeks ago Ron De Santis of Friday Fish Facts came out and did a video tour of the CAF fish room.  Check it out here:

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January 9th, 2020: Video Of All My Discus Stock

I've had a bunch of requests for a single video featuring all of my discus stock so here we go. A few of the fish are sold and waiting to ship out or get picked up.  Everything that is still available can be seen here: 2020 Discus Stock

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December 10th, 2019: Dexter Chung Discus Are Ready For Sale

The new shipment from Dexter Chung of DXcus has completed quarantine and are now available for sale.  These discus can safely be mixed with my discus from Piwowarski.  Photos, prices an availability can be seen here: Discus List

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December 7th, 2019: Piwowarski Discus Proven Breeding Pairs

I wan't planning on doing another Piwowarski discus shipment this year but I just received word that Alex will be releasing 15-20 more pairs for sale next week.  If there is enough interest I will make an exception and bring in one more shipment.  It's a really special opportunity to be able to get discus [...]

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December 2nd, 2019: New Dexter Chung Discus Shipment!

Later this week I will be releasing for sale a shipment of mostly larger size discus from Dexter Chung of Dxcus.  These are perfect fish for anyone who wants young adults that are ready to start breeding right away or wanting larger display fish.  There is a little bit of everything in this shipment.  Please [...]

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