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January 30th, 2019: New Discus Are Ready For Pick-up/Shipping + Hand Feeding Video

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The new discus are ready to go.   Below is a fun video of the discus being hand fed.  This is one friendly group of fish.  

January 26th, 2019: Video Of The New Discus Shipment Posted

The new discus are ready for pick-up/shipping.  Below is a video of them enjoying some Australian Freeze Dried Black Worms.

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January 22nd, 2019: Mega Discus Shipment Has Arrived!

It took a while but I finally have a huge number of very high end discus available.  Please CLICK HERE for photos, prices and additional details on the new stock. 

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November 27th, 2018: CAF is back! First discus are onsite at the new location

I am extatic to announce that we finally have discus available at the new location.  Photos, videos are more information is available here: http://stores.canadianaquafarm.com/discus/

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November 4th, 2018: Australian Black Worms Are Back in Stock!

All black worm products are back in stock in at least limited quantities with the only exception being Bio Pigment which remains on backorder for now.  

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October 22nd, 2018: Got Koi? CAF Is Going To Japan!

I will be in Japan visiting the best koi breeders in the world and bringing back some beauties.  If you are in search of a special koi and would like me to try and find one for you please e-mail me at info@canadianaquafarm.com and include as many details as possible such as variety and size.  [...]

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August 2nd, 2018: Canadian Aqua Farm Is Moving! All Imported Discus On Sale!

***August 16th update.  All discus are sold out.  The next shipment will arrive in fall.***After more than 8 years at our current location the time has come to expand. This summer we will be moving to a substantially larger location.  Not only will the new location be larger but it will also put us significantly [...]

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July 27th, 2018: Six Possible Breeding Pairs Of Discus Added Including One Of the Nicest Ever!

All of the proven pairs that I added to the website a couple weeks ago have sold out but I'm working on forming some new pairs.  So far I have identified 6 possible pairs.  They are being offered for sale now as possible pairs with no premium added to the price.  Once pairs become proven [...]

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July 14th, 2018: Consignment of Dexter Chung Jumbo Discus

I have 12 very special new arrivals in stock.  These discus are on consignment from a local breeder friend of mine. All were imported from Dexter Chung of DXcus over the past several months. They are true jumbos ranging in size from 6" up to 6.75" in length and include the largest albino discus that [...]

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July 3rd, 2018: 4 New Breeding Pairs Available

***July 13th update: All 4 pairs are sold.  Please e-mail me at info@canadianaquafarm.com if you would like to be added to the waiting list for future pairs***Just added four new proven pairs for sale.  Videos are below.  For more details on these pairs please Click Here.

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